Cynthia Tannar, Attorney

Attorney Cynthia Tannar

Cynthia is one of our associate attorneys. She makes regular court appearances, prepares legal filings, negotiates with opposing attorneys, and provides legal advice.

Cynthia is passionate about criminal defense work. She is especially bothered by the arbitrary way in which many criminal defendants are charged or when law enforcement use technicalities to bring unnecessary charges against defendants. Cynthia recognizes the difficulty that can arise for average people in trying to understand the confusing criminal court process and loves to help make it easier. She really enjoys obtaining positive outcomes for clients and helping them reach their goals.

Outside of work Cynthia spends most of her time with her family and dog. She also enjoys playing board games, acting, and reading.

Bar Admissions, Education, and other Training

  • Arizona State Bar, 2020
  • Georgetown Law School, 2020 (pro bono pledge honoree)
  • Grand Canyon University, 2016 (summa cum laude)
  • Law school vice president of the Federalist Society Chapter and current member