Criminal Defense Procedure: What Is An Arraignment?

  The Arraignment is the defendant’s first appearance in court. If the case was initiated by a citation issued from a police officer (like in an excessive speed case, for example), the arraignment date appears at the bottom of the citation. If the case began with a summons and complaint, which may be mailed to or served on the defendant … Read More

What Is A Victimless Crime And How Is It Different From A Real Crime?

A victimless crime is an activity that the government has decreed criminal even though there is no identifiable victim.  A victimless crime is an activity that is performed by one or more consenting people, that causes no harm, injury or violation to anyone outside of the people performing the activity. One example of a victimless crime is smoking marijuana at … Read More

But I Just Chirped My Tires By Accident!

exhibition of speed

If you own a modern front wheel drive car, odds are you have accidentally chirped your tires at some point. It doesn’t take much: a damp roadway, some grease, or maybe some dirt or sand can be enough to cause your wheels to momentarily lose traction when starting from a stop, then make a sound when the spinning tire suddenly … Read More

"Affluenza" as a defense to manslaughter?

Sixteen year old Texan Ethan Couch was recently given probation for mowing down and killing four pedestrians with his Ford F-350 while drunk.  Couch and his friends began the evening by stealing two cases of beer from a store.  Then Couch, with a blood alcohol level of .24 and combined with Valium, proceeded to speed around in his truck with … Read More