Do NOT Clench Your Butt During A Police Encounter

don't clench your butt

This is a piece of advice we never thought we would have to give.  In addition to the many other things you must consider during an encounter with the police, now you must consider the tension of your butt.  Earlier this year in New Mexico, a man was pulled over for allegedly failing to make a complete stop at a … Read More

Texas Judge Resigns After She Is Caught Texting Directions To Prosecution During A Trial

I first ready this story on  It was so unbelievable that I had to look a little further and yes, this story is true.  Judge Elizabeth E. Coker engaged in inappropriate, unethical ex-parte communication with the prosecution during a criminal trial.  Ex-parte means literally “from one party.”  In other words, the judge communicated only to the prosecution, and not … Read More