Admin Per Se or Implied Consent Affidavit

In Arizona, when you drive a car you consent to being tested for the presence of alcohol or drugs in your body. This consent is “implied” because there is no agreement you sign or anything – there is just a law that says if you drive a car in Arizona, then you consent to the testing of your “blood, breath, … Read More

Phoenix Municipal Court

Phoenix Municipal Court

The Phoenix Municipal Court handles charges for violations that occurred in Phoenix, including misdemeanor crimes, traffic tickets, and code violations. A protective order can also be obtained at the Phoenix City Court. If you receive a traffic ticket, or any sort of citation, from the Phoenix Police Department, your case will be handled in this court. As you can imagine, … Read More

Hazardous Materials Endorsement

Hazardous Materials Placard

What Is A Hazardous Materials Endorsement And How Do You Get One If you are a commercial driver who wants to carry hazardous materials, you will need to obtain a hazardous materials (HazMat) endorsement. There are two main requirements to obtain a HazMat endorsement: TSA Security Threat Assessment. A driver will need to apply to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). … Read More

Do You Have To Show Your Driver License To The Cops?

You have to show your driver license to the cops

Any attorney is going to advise you that when you get pulled over by the cops, say as little as possible and don’t consent to a search of your vehicle. Check out this post for some tips for your next traffic stop. But there is one thing that you DO HAVE TO DO – PROVIDE I.D. When you get pulled … Read More