Veterans’ Court in Arizona

Veterans' Court

Some courts offer a program available to veterans called veterans court. The concept is that veterans may have had experiences or life situations that contributed in some way to the charge(s) filed against them. Veterans’ court seeks to address any underlying issues, such as medical conditions, unemployment, lack of education, homelessness, mental health or substance abuse. Veterans’ court can also … Read More

Seligman Justice Court

Seligman Justice Court

Seligman Justice Court handles civil cases involving less than $10,000, civil and criminal traffic violations, and misdemeanors. If you receive a ticket from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office or Arizona Department of Public Safety inside the Court’s precinct, your case will be handled here. The Seligman Justice Court’s precinct includes a large section of the I-40 in Northern Arizona, including … Read More

Healthcare Professionals and Mandatory Reporting of Misdemeanors

Healthcare Professional

If you hold a professional license related to healthcare in Arizona, you may be required to self-report an arrest or a conviction to your licensing board. For example, A.R.S. 32-3208(A), which deals with “health professionals”, requires that: “A health professional who has been charged with a misdemeanor involving conduct that may affect patient safety or a felony after receiving or … Read More

Admin Per Se or Implied Consent Affidavit

In Arizona, when you drive a car you consent to being tested for the presence of alcohol or drugs in your body. This consent is “implied” because there is no agreement you sign or anything – there is just a law that says if you drive a car in Arizona, then you consent to the testing of your “blood, breath, … Read More