Do I Need A CDL?

Do I need a CDL?

How do you know if you need a commercial driver license (CDL)? The laws surrounding whether or not you need a CDL are complex. Even the cops who issue tickets for driving without a CDL have trouble understanding the laws. That’s why they use the handy flow chart you see at the end of this post. A police shared his … Read More

What Can An Attorney Do For A Defendant?

What can an attorney do?

Most people (fortunately) don’t have a regular need to work with an attorney. As a result, it can be unclear what exactly a lawyer can do, and what a lawyer cannot do while representing a client. First, let’s cover some of the things an attorney can do for you. An attorney can be your advocate. An attorney can negotiate on … Read More

How Will Coronavirus Affect Your Court Case?


As we see schools and restaurants close, public events cancelled, and toilet paper aisles stripped bare, defendants, defense attorneys and prosecutors are all wondering how the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic will impact court proceedings. On March 16th, the Arizona Supreme Court issued Administrative Order number 2020-47. This order issued a number of directives to all of the State’s courts, including: … Read More

What Is AVL Data?

AVL Data on Google Earth

AVL stands for Automatic Vehicle Location. AVL data is data that is automatically collected that relates to the location of a vehicle. Most police vehicles are equipped Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems. Many of these CAD systems include AVL systems which allow the law enforcement agency to track the locations of their vehicles. These AVL systems can use either GPS … Read More