Permitting an Unauthorized Minor to Drive, 28-3474

unauthorized minor drive

A.R.S. 28-3474 provides that “A person who knowingly causes or permits the person’s child or ward or any person under eighteen years of age to drive a motor vehicle on a highway if the person is not authorized under this chapter or in violation of this chapter is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor. ” What does it mean to … Read More

Fighting an Examination Report Through DataQs

Driver Vehicle Examination Report

When a commercial vehicle is stopped, there are two things that may result. A Traffic Ticket and Complaint A Driver/Vehicle Examination Report These two things have different options available, as discussed below. Traffic Ticket and Complaint This is, as the name states, a traffic ticket. The traffic ticket is filed with a court, and the driver can challenge the ticket … Read More

Obstructing a Highway or Public Thoroughfare

Obstructing a Highway

What does it mean to obstruct a highway? Below is the actual language of the statute. After the statute, we discuss what this actually means in real life. 13-2906. Obstructing a highway or other public thoroughfare; classification; definition A. A person commits obstructing a highway or other public thoroughfare if the person, alone or with other persons, does any of the … Read More

Street Racing in Phoenix Arizona

burnout at street takeover in Phoenix

Since the onset of COVID-19, our office has seen an increase in the number of racing and reckless driving citations issued as a result of an intense police crackdown on what the media often refers to as “illegal street racing meetups”. What is illegal street racing? We see three types of events that fall under the umbrella of “illegal street … Read More