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Got a CDL ticket? Get a CDL lawyer.

Our law firm focusses on traffic tickets. Most law firms have no idea what CSA points are, or what to do with DataQs, but we do.

A small firm with big experience.

With our office, you get the personal, friendly attention you expect from a small firm, and the experience and skill of a large firm.

A CDL lawyer who will get you the best outcome possible.

Although no CDL attorney can guarantee a specific outcome, we can guarantee that by the time your CDL ticket case is concluded, you will know that we have investigated every opportunity to secure the best outcome possible for you.

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Have a CDL and Need Help With a Ticket?

Give us a call and let’s talk. We’re full of information, and we don’t charge you to discuss your case. We want every driver to get the best outcome possible. Often, we can help achieve that outcome. Sometimes, a driver doesn’t need a CDL lawyer, and we’ll tell you that too.

From Our Clients

 We work hard to achieve the best outcome possible in every case. Here’s what people are saying about us online:

Traffic Law GuysExcellentTraffic Law Guys4.9 Based on 111 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onSean K.Sean K. ★★★★★ Sometimes mistakes happen and you need someone that knows the law to help you out. The Traffic Law Guys are the best. They devised a strategy and fixed a situation with the best possible outcome. Highly recommended!!!!Brother Woody B.Brother Woody B. ★★★★★ I contacted them via the webpage with questions related to a traffic ticket. I got a prompt and thorough response that contained very helpful information. That one exchange left me with adequate knowledge of the facts I needed to proceed with a strategy I was comfortable with. No charge and professional help! I would certainly come back next time and would feel comfortable trusting them to handle a case in the future if needed.kaan S.kaan S. ★★★★★ Highly recommend this firm. I got a ticket for going 112 mph at a 65 mph zone. The court that the ticket was issued from was Bagdad Yarnell Justice Court. This is probably the worst place you can get a ticket from. On top of that, I accidentally missed my court date. That was when I contacted Traffic Law Guys. They immediately got the arrest warrant removed, and took care of the legal process. I ended up having to pay a fine, and had to take a driving course. That was it. I am actually happy with that outcome, considering that there was a person in the same courtroom as me who got a jail sentence for speeding.Response from the ownerThank you Kaan! js_loader

Why You Should Fight A CDL Ticket

Avoid a criminal conviction.

Many Arizona CDL tickets are criminal tickets. No CDL lawyer can guarantee that they can get a charge dismissed, but if you don’t fight that criminal ticket, you’ll definitely have a criminal conviction. When you fight the ticket, at least you know you’ve done everything possible to avoid a conviction.

Minimize or avoid points on your license.

A good CDL lawyer is always looking for ways to minimize the consequences to a CDL holder’s license. If a charge is dismissed or changed to a no-points violation, then there are no points on your license.

Minimize or avoid CSA points.

If a charge is dismissed and that charge was reflected on an Driver Vehicle Examination Report (DVER), then a CDL lawyer can get that violation removed from the DVER by challenging the violation through the DataQs system.

 Minimize Consequences.

A conviction will involve fines, and in some cases jail time, probation, or a license suspension, so it makes sense to do everything possible to avoid as many collateral consequences at possible.

Our CDL Attorneys

David Enevoldsen

David Enevoldsen

Loves kicking @$$ in court.

Chris Rike

Chris Rike

Loves driving and hates tickets!

Tom Smith

Tom Smith

Loves questioning law enforcement.

Our Promise To Our Clients

Get the best outcome possible.

Most of our clients have never been charged with a crime before. We understand receiving a criminal traffic ticket may feel scary, confusing, and the unfamiliar process might be intimidating.

While we often accomplish our clients’ goals, whether that be a dismissal or a reduced charge, no CDL lawyer can guarantee a particular outcome.

What we can guarantee is that by the time your case is concluded, you will know that we have done everything possible to secure the best result possible.

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