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Our office has the experience and skill of a large firm with the personal, friendly attention you expect from a small firm. 

Our promise to our clients is to achieve the best outcome possible in their cases. While we often achieve our clients’ goals, whether that be a dismissal or getting a charge reduced, we cannot guarantee a particular outcome.

What we can guarantee is that by the time your case is concluded, you will know that we have done everything possible to secure the best result possible. 


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Criminal Traffic Tickets

We don’t dabble in traffic cases like many attorneys. Traffic is at our core. If you need help fighting a ticket to avoid a conviction, points, or a license suspension, let’s talk. Here are some of the criminal traffic violations he fight.

CDL Violations

We understand that a ticket for a commercial driver it not just about points. In some instances, a ticket can cost a driver a job. It almost always makes sense for a CDL holder to fight a ticket. These are some of the CDL violations we fight.

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A DUI is more than just a criminal case. There are number of collateral issues that must be addressed, sometimes even before a case is filed, and continuing after the court case is concluded. Learn More about the different types of DUIs we fight.

Need Help With a Ticket?

Give us a call and let’s talk. We’re full of information, and we don’t charge you to discuss your case. We want every driver to get the best outcome possible in their case. Often, we can help achieve that outcome. Sometimes, a driver doesn’t need an attorney, and we’ll tell you that too.

From Our Clients

 We work hard to achieve the best outcome possible in every case. Here’s what people are saying about us online:

Our Values

  • Be Helpful. We want to help drivers solve their problems. That could mean anything from providing some free information to representing them in court.


  • Be Honest. We tell drivers the straight truth. Often, we say “We can totally help with that problem.” Sometimes though, we cannot help, or the driver can resolve their problem on their own without an attorney.


  • Be Better. We are always looking for ways to improve so that we can offer better and more efficient service to our clients.
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Our Partner Attorneys

David Enevoldsen

David Enevoldsen

Loves kicking @$$ in court.

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Chris Rike

Looks forward to doing discovery.

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