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  • We have represented clients in over 90 courts throughout Arizona
  • We know how the Arizona MVD works and how various traffic violations could impact your license
  • We understand the MVD points system and how to minimize the consequences to your driver's license
  • We want you to make an INFORMED decision before you take action that could cause harm you can't undo

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    Client Testimonials

    Chris Rike is a 5 star attorney

    My wife was scared to death when she got a criminal speeding ticket. We had an aggressive prosecutor that did not work with us. Chris save the day. My wife had to take a defensive driving class online and the criminal speeding ticket was dropped. You won’t find a better attorney.

    My best attorney experience in 30 years

    To find lawyers and a firm which exhibits professionalism, competence, reasonable fees and truly delivers on expectations, is the exception not the rule!
    With Enevoldsen Rike, PLLC. I found a firm who treated me as I would have treated my clients. Both David and Chris listened to my circumstances, asked what my expectations were, researched the facts of the case, made suggestions and recommendations as to what was reasonable to expect, quoted their fee and proceeded to relieve me of the concerns and anxiety associated with any legal issue. The end result was a resolution much better than I expected!
    I can recommend David Enevoldsen and Chris Rike without hesitation and would suggest any individual or business needing legal advice and/or assistance, to seriously consider representation by Enevoldsen Rike.
    – Jan

    Chris Rike … has always exceeded my expectations

    Chris Rike has represented my interests in a few cases and he has always exceeded my expectations–he is knowledgeable, responsive and has produced very favorable results. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a competent and reliable attorney.

    – Jay

    Very honest, understanding and professional

    The first thing I noticed it that he actually picks up his phone, a lot of attorneys never answer or have the ‘ assistant” answer for them.
    I called Mr. Rike just last month and he was very honest, understanding and professional. With no compensation he explains what to expect in the court and how to handle. Also very flexible with the retainer. Looking to hire him as our personal attorney in the future

    Best Lawyer!!! Highly recommend Chris Rike!

    I got a criminal speeding ticket in AZ, 99 on a 75 limit freeway. Since I live in LA, I researched attorney in AZ online for a while, taking all things into consideration and finally decided to go with Chris Rike. He is very responsible and has a lot experience. I was so nervous about this cuz its my first ticket which might have very bad impact on my future. We discussed about all options and I trusted him. Under his instruction, I got the charge dismissed without any record. I am so pleased to hire him and I highly recommend whoever faced with the speeding ticket or traffic violation to work with Chris. Don’t hesitate and you won’t regret!

    – Jenny

    Misdemeanor Speeding

    I contacted Chris after I received a Misdemeanor Speeding Ticket that I obtained at a speed trap out in the country. I knew that I could not have this Misdemeanor on my record so I wanted to do everything I could to fight what was an overkill punishment for my speeding violation. Chris was always very responsive, explained my case to me in clear details, and obtained the perfect result! The Case was dropped and I ended up with No Misdemeanors and No Fines to Pay Thanks Chris!

    – Max

    Very helpful and professional

    I am a foreigner and unfortunately I got a criminal ticket in Feb. Thanks god. I found Chris on Avvo. Through his professional work, my ticket was dismissed by court recently.

    – Thomas

    I would recommend Mr. Rike to anyone

    Mr. Rike has been a trusted advocate for nearly 4 years, looking out for my legal interests through some very difficult times. He has consistently brought well founded legal analysis to my case, recognizing the often challenging lack of consistency seen in family courts and playing for long-term goals. His rock solid composure and even temperament has provided the perspective necessary to look with a long-term strategic view, rather than short-term, emotionally driven ups and downs often experienced in family court cases. I would recommend Mr. Rike to anyone looking for more than the standard non-engaged attorney who fails to recognize the value of mapping an enduring legal strategy required to achieve lasting case results. Mr. Rike understands this and delivers.

    – Rich

    Profesional, Courtesy, Actually Cares

    My wife was pulled over on the 202 near the 101 in Chandler for going 85+. Other vehicles were passing her but unfortunatly she was the one to get pulled over. We contacted Chris the next day and secured his services an hour after we emailed him. Due to the serious charge, we felt these guys could help us. It takes a while but they represented us and kept us in contact the entire time. Luckily they were able to change the charge to a regular ticket (and we could take traffic school to erase it). If you can, dont do it alone, contact these guys now!