Criminal Traffic Tickets

Arizona is hard on traffic violations.

Relative to other states, Arizona has some harsh criminal traffic charges. Arizona has criminalized many activities that one can perform in a car, from driving too quickly, to having an expired registration in some cases. Most clients we work with on criminal traffic cases have never been charged with a crime before. Our clients are very concerned with mitigating any negative consequences that may result from a criminal conviction.

What is the goal in a criminal traffic case?

Usually, we are hired to try to avoid the criminal conviction as the primary goal, and we are frequently successful with that. A lot depends on the specific facts of the case, some of which cannot be known until the case is underway. It may not be an easy task to obtain a non-criminal resolution, but whatever the chances, they will significantly improve with the assistance of an experienced attorney. We attempt to negotiate a deal where the charge is reduced from criminal to civil (regular traffic ticket), or where the ticket may be resolved by taking a defensive driving class, if eligible.

Common Criminal Traffic Violations

If you have been charged with any of Arizona’s criminal traffic violations, give us a call to learn about your rights and options so that you may make an informed decision on how to proceed. We represent clients in criminal traffic cases throughout the state of Arizona.

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