What Is A Victimless Crime And How Is It Different From A Real Crime?

A victimless crime is an activity that the government has decreed criminal even though there is no identifiable victim.  A victimless crime is an activity that is performed by one or more consenting people, that causes no harm, injury or violation to anyone outside of the people performing the activity. One example of a victimless crime is smoking marijuana at … Read More

Automated Traffic Enforcement Is Indirect Taxation

Most people I talk too don’t like taxes and would oppose any increase in taxes. Recognizing that, local governments across the country have country have come up with a clever way to tax you under the guise of “public safety:” Automated Traffic Photo Enforcement.  This automated enforcement includes photo radar devices and red light photo devices.  On its face, stopping … Read More

McGruff The Crime Dog Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison

John Morales, an actor who once played McGruff the Crime Dog, was recently sentenced to 16 years in federal prison. In 2011, Morales was pulled over while driving in Texas and a drug sniffing dog alerted on the trunk of Morales’ car.  Police then searched his car and found blueprints for an indoor marijuana growing facility as well as marijuana seeds. … Read More

Headlight Flashing Is Speech Protected By The First Amendment

There is a long history of considerate drivers warning other drivers of police speed traps by flashing their headlights to oncoming traffic.  What you probably don’t know is some police will try to issue you a traffic citation if you flash your headlights to warn of a speed trap.  That’s exactly what happened to Missouri driver Michael Elli.  A policeman … Read More