Police Target Truck Driver with Unreasonable Citation

Sometimes police will issue you a traffic citation for something you did not do, or something that was not your fault. This is certainly irritating to conventional drivers, perhaps even harassment, but it can downright harmful to those with a commercial driver’s licence (CDL). Any traffic violation has the potential to affect a CDL holder’s current employment or future employability. … Read More

The Speeding Ticket Scam

You may not have gotten that last speeding ticket for the reason you believe you did. Yes, you may have been speeding, but were you being unsafe? Probably not. The reality is speeding tickets are a revenue generation tool for police departments and local governments. Speeding tickets constitute low-hanging fruit for policemen and are generally what we describe as victim-less … Read More

Would You Drive Over 5,000 Miles To Fight A $56 Traffic Ticket?

Lynda Farley did. Ms. Farley drives a mini van that she has decorated with various political posters, stickers and objects. She calls it the “Liberty Van.” Ms. Farley, who hails from Edmonton, Kentucky, was passing through New Jersey on her way home from September 11 memorial ceremonies in New York, when she was issued an obstructed-view citation in 2012. It is … Read More

"Affluenza" as a defense to manslaughter?

Sixteen year old Texan Ethan Couch was recently given probation for mowing down and killing four pedestrians with his Ford F-350 while drunk. Couch and his friends began the evening by stealing two cases of beer from a store. Then Couch, with a blood alcohol level of .24 and combined with Valium, proceeded to speed around in his truck with … Read More