Ten Tips For Your Next Traffic Stop

Ten tips for your next traffic stop

Believe it or not, there are things you can do to improve the outcome of your next traffic stop.  Put yourself in the place of the police officer who is pulling you over. The officer has no idea who you are, and the officer is ready for any number of common and uncommon possibilities. Are you drunk? Is the car stolen? Did … Read More

Police Have No Obligation To Protect Citizens

Police are government workers, salaries paid from government coffers — tax dollars and, yes, fines, sanctions, penalties, fees, and surcharges. Most people think that the police have an obligation (“duty”) to protect the citizens in the jurisdictions they serve. Many police forces even have a motto along the lines of “To Protect and Serve.” The unfortunate reality is that the … Read More

Think Photo Radar Is Fair? Think Again.

photo enforcement cameras like those used in Paradise Valley, Arizona

Photo radar violations do not apply to all drivers equally and here’s why. When you get flashed by a photo radar camera, the government initially mails you a sternly worded notice asking you to voluntarily pay a fine. If you ignore the initial notice of violation, the government may serve a complaint on you to compel a response. The initial … Read More