Disclosure and Discovery in a Criminal Traffic Case

disclosure and discovery

What is Disclosure? In the course of a criminal case, the State (the prosecutor) and the defendant are required to make disclosures. They must disclose to each other any evidence or witnesses they may want to use in the case. For example, the State is required to provide anything it may use against the defendant at trial. The State is … Read More

What is a Deviation Request?

Deviation Request

The goal in a criminal case is generally to mitigate the consequences of the alleged crime. In other words, the defendant wants to achieve an outcome that is better than if they were convicted of the alleged crime. After we have completed the discovery process in a case, we may submit to the prosecution a deviation request. A deviation request … Read More

East Mesa Justice Court

east mesa justice court

East Mesa Justice Court is a court of limited jurisdiction, meaning it handles civil cases involving less than $10,000, civil and criminal traffic violations, and misdemeanors. If you receive a ticket from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office or Arizona Department of Public Safety inside the Court’s precinct, your case will be handled here. The East Mesa Justice Court precinct includes … Read More

Private Home Destroyed by the Police, City Not Liable

destroyed by the police

Police were pursuing an armed person who had allegedly shoplifted some merchandise from a wal-mart. The alleged shoplifter took refuge in a private home and a police standoff followed. Over the course of 19 hours, the police SWAT team “fired gas munition and 40-millimeter rounds through the windows, drove an armored vehicle through the doors, tossed flash-bang grenades inside and … Read More