Phoenix Municipal Court

Phoenix Municipal Court

The Phoenix Municipal Court handles charges for violations that occurred in Phoenix, including misdemeanor crimes, traffic tickets, and code violations. A protective order can also be obtained at the Phoenix City Court. If you receive a traffic ticket, or any sort of citation, from the Phoenix Police Department, your case will be handled in this court.

As you can imagine, the city of Phoenix covers a lot of ground and includes a number of exceptionally busy highways like I-17, I-10, the 51, and the Loop 101. As a result, we see a lot of criminal traffic violations in Phoenix Municipal Court, including excessive speed, DUI, aggressive driving, reckless driving and more. Phoenix also utilizes photo enforcement devices, so we see photo enforcement tickets in this court too.

Veteran's Court

Phoenix Municipal Court has something called Veteran's Court, and if you are a veteran, you may ask to have your case transferred to the Veteran's Court section of Phoenix Municipal Court.

Veteran's Court is a completely different approach. Everyone involved in Veteran's Court, including the prosecutors and the judge, takes an approach that is more rehabilitative rather than the punitive approach you would normally find. What this means to the veteran defendant is that they may be able to achieve a much better outcome in Veteran's Court than they would in the standard court.

If you do transfer your case to Veteran's Court, be prepared to participate in some sort of diversion program, classes, treatment, or some other rehabilitative program as part  of the resolution of your case.

Lookup Your Case Online

The Phoenix Municipal Court does have a website, but you can't look up your case there; you'll need to use the Arizona public access site. Of course, you can pay the Phoenix Municipal Court on their website.

Contact Info & Hours

Physical Address:

Phoenix Municipal Court
10100 N 83rd Ave
Peoria, AZ, 85345

Mailing Address:

Phoenix Municipal Court
P.O. Box 25650
Peoria, AZ, 85002

M-Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: 602-262-6421

Fax: 602-534-3628


Location & Parking

Immediately to the south of the courthouse, there is a parking structure. If you park there, you’ll have a short walk to the courthouse and you will be able to get half of your fee for parking waived from the Court. Take your parking ticket into the court with you. On your way out of the court, go to the desk in the center area of the lobby behind the security area and get your parking ticket validated.

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