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  1. Hi .. is there a way to get a 2 point violation removed and an exception to take class after the fact.. I missed the class deadline due to covid, paid fine and now have 2 points and my insurance doubled monthly.

  2. I am a foreign tourist from China. On December 2019, when I was speeding around 114 miles over speed limit 65 miles on the 89 road from Tusayan to Peggy. It was snowing in the morning so that we were touring after our schedule. In order to catch up on time in Peggy.

    I exceeded the speed quite a lot. It was 114 miles recorded on the police ticket, and I was told that I needed to go to the Peggy court to appear in court. I have now returned home because of my visa to the United States will be expired on January 3, 2020. Based on this situation, please give me some professional suggestions on how to deal with it properly without any bad record.

    1) are you interested in taking this case?
    2) how do you see the outcome?
    3) what is your fee structure?

    Due to my limited English ability. I hope you can reply by email. My email is

    Thank you so much.

  3. I got a ticket (HOV Violation and tint window) yesterday 11/20/2018 but the only reason I went onto the HOV lane was to avoid rear ending a semi but couldn’t get over because traffic wouldn’t let me in. Not to mention I was only on the HOV for a minute or less and with my luck there was a cop I don’t believe it was a Arizona Highway patrol officer either. Anyway I try to explain it to him and he didn’t want to hear me out. I also hold a commercial driver license. What are my options?

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      Hi Jose,

      You have two options at this point: 1) pay the fine, take the points; or 2) request a civil traffic hearing. The civil traffic hearing would be your opportunity to present your version of events to a judge. You have nothing to lose by going to a civil traffic hearing, other than some time to attend. If you do not live near the court, you could hire an attorney to appear for you at the civil traffic hearing.

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  5. And September 4th I was making a left hand turn on hilly awful Chandler heights there is a flashing yellow I entered the intersection there were no cars coming I mean sure because I’m a very conscious driver then at turn 2 small and yellow still no cars coming started to turn my vehicle and 9A rant try making a sudden change of are from turning right to straight apparently it me and on my list cited at the act’s that at for philly failure to yield on a left. After the accident the other driver kept saying to you is so sorry and took fault and that her son kept yelling at her please take O street not turn because you wanna to go see that sharp sub where C again and again said how sorry she was until the police came she had been talking to someone on her phone and I know was worried because she was driving her father’s vehicle once of police what us up and got our stories apparently she told them that she was just going straight in the direction office that of the way I list turning so I was seconded I have pictures of right after the collision and the damage of the vehicles that prove that it is this the play impossible for the vehicles to ply being that the damage is on her front of a trot and my car was totaled and the trajectory and in fact was almost center in my vehicle but somewhat on the driver side. I am going to the 1st day on the ticket and was planning on going in myself to explain this matter to the judge and 4 went you have any recommendations and/or instance the enough time to hire you to come in with me and what are your rate. Mt phone number is 480 772 9660 if you can call or text me or my email address is my court date is October 8th so just a couple days away.
    Julie McLaughlin

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