What is a Deviation Request?

Deviation Request

The goal in a criminal case is generally to mitigate the consequences of the alleged crime. In other words, the defendant wants to achieve an outcome that is better than if they were convicted of the alleged crime. After we have completed the discovery process in a case, we may submit to the prosecution a deviation request. A deviation request … Read More

More Prosecutors Gone Wild

Prosecutors gone wild refers to the epidemic of unethical prosecutors engaging in lying and other misconduct to convict defendants at any cost. We recently discussed a prosecutor who lied under oath in a murder case and escaped any consequences, as well as a prosecutor who falsified a transcript by inserting a fabricated confession. Now we have yet another example of … Read More

Another Lying Prosecutor

We recently discussed a lying prosecutor who lied under oath in a murder case and escaped any consequences – no sanctions, no investigation, no bar complaints, nothing. Here we have another lying prosecutor named Robert Murray (Kern County Prosecutor) who actually “inserted a false confession into a transcript of defendant’s police interrogation” so that he could charge the defendant with a more … Read More

What Is a Pretrial Conference?

PTC Pretrial Conference

A pretrial conference is generally an informal discussion with the prosecutor to resolve discovery and see if an agreement can be reached.