Trial in a Misdemeanor Traffic Case

criminal traffic trial

When Does a Case go to Trial? Most criminal traffic cases do not go to trial and here’s why. By the time a case is ready for trial, all discovery and disclosure has been completed. This means both parties have all of the information available and know the relative strengths and weaknesses of their cases. This also means that all … Read More

Disclosure and Discovery in a Criminal Traffic Case

disclosure and discovery

What is Disclosure? In the course of a criminal case, the State (the prosecutor) and the defendant are required to make disclosures. They must disclose to each other any evidence or witnesses they may want to use in the case. For example, the State is required to provide anything it may use against the defendant at trial. The State is … Read More

What is a Deviation Request?

Deviation Request

The goal in a criminal case is generally to mitigate the consequences of the alleged crime. In other words, the defendant wants to achieve an outcome that is better than if they were convicted of the alleged crime. After we have completed the discovery process in a case, we may submit to the prosecution a deviation request. A deviation request … Read More

Change of Plea Hearing

Plea Agreement

What is a change of plea hearing? A change of plea hearing is a hearing held by the court wherein the defendant changes his or her plea. Typically, a defendant will plead “not guilty” at the beginning of a criminal case at the arraignment. If the defendant reaches an agreement with the prosecution (the State), it will usually involve the … Read More