Red Light Cameras Increase Accident Rates

We have known for a long time that red light cameras are not about safety, and we have heard from time to time that red light cameras increase accident rates. Below I discuss some studies that support the fact that red light cameras do not decrease accident rates, but instead increase accident rates. Nattaporn Yaungyai published his Master’s Thesis, entitled … Read More

Red Light Camera Traffic Schools – Where Does the Money Go?

What are the two schools? There are two types of “school” that you might encounter if you ever receive a red light camera ticket. One is Defensive Driving Diversion (also known as Defensive Driving School), and the other is Traffic Survival School. You can read about both in more detail in our post about the difference between Defensive Driving School and Traffic … Read More

More Evidence On The Photo Enforcement Scam

Recently, the Orlando Sentinel and Fox 35 reported about a red light photo enforcement scam run by Orange County in Florida. We’ve already shared a number of examples of the photo enforcement scam, such as how government employees skirt photo enforcement tickets while private citizens generally cannot, how courts deny your constitutional rights in photo enforcement cases, and how Paradise Valley shortened the … Read More

Photo Enforcement – It’s All About The Benjamins

If you believe that photo enforcement devices, also referred to as photo radar devices, are for safety, you would be mistaken.  Photo enforcement exists to generate revenue for the government and for private companies who are in bed with the government.  Here are some examples. Star Valley – A Town Created Just To Generate Photo Enforcement Revenue Star Valley, AZ, … Read More