The Government Steals Your Money to “Keep You Safe.”

As criminal defense and traffic attorneys, we have more opportunity than the average person to observe the many all disingenuous ways the government steals your money.  In general, the lie government tells you when stealing your money is that it is either “for the children” or “for your safety.”  You can substitute “security” for “safety” if you like – it’s … Read More

Police, Traffic Stops And Guns

You are driving along in a safe manner, minding your own business, and out of the blue a cop pulls you over for doing something police do every day with no consequences (like changing lanes without a blinker or speeding).  As you are pulling over, you think about the handgun you are carrying (in your glove box, concealed on your … Read More

Automated Traffic Enforcement Is Indirect Taxation

Most people I talk too don’t like taxes and would oppose any increase in taxes. Recognizing that, local governments across the country have country have come up with a clever way to tax you under the guise of “public safety:” Automated Traffic Photo Enforcement.  This automated enforcement includes photo radar devices and red light photo devices.  On its face, stopping … Read More