Most of us have done it – exceeded the speed limit from time to time. Sometimes it seems inevitable here in Phoenix and the highways of Arizona. If you drive the speed limit, you’re almost impeding other traffic. Traffic here rarely travels at the speed limit.

It can feel irritating when you get a speeding ticket and you were essentially going with the flow of traffic. We see plenty of speeding tickets that were issued under questionable circumstances. But, it is useful to consider why police often seem irritated when issuing tickets, and also why police issue so many speeding tickets, when upon first glance most speeders seem to pose no danger to other drivers.

The typical driver might get a ticket once in their life, or maybe a ticket every few years. In other words, getting a ticket is a rare event for most people. For the police though, they spend all day, every day, writing tickets for all sorts of insane stuff that the average driver rarely encounters. Police constantly see the results of accidents that occur due to excessive speeds, aggressive driving or street racing. Police are routinely peeling bodies out of crashed cars and pulling crashed cars out of houses.

Below are several photographs I collected from of some accidents in North Phoenix over the last few weeks of 2021. These sorts of accidents are common for police, even though they may seem unusual to the rest us. This may be why police are so upset about speeding.

Yep, that’s a car, in a backyard, upside down, on a house.
The daytime aftermath of the above car accident.
A car in someone’s front yard.
A car crashed into the front of a house.
Another car crashed into the front of a house.
This driver managed to flip their car upside down all by themselves.
Another driver with an upside down car on a 25 mph residential street.