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Criminal Traffic Tickets

We don’t dabble in traffic cases like most attorneys.  Traffic is our focus because we understand driving is fundamental to our freedom of movement.

CDL Violations

We understand that a ticket for a commercial driver is not just about points, but it can cost you a job.  We fight for our clients to keep them on the road.


A DUI is more than a criminal case.  There are a number of issues that must be addressed beginning before a case is filed, and continuing after the case is concluded.


Useful Resources for Drivers

Photo Enforcement Tickets

If you get one of these tickets in the mail, don’t just pay it – There are other options, and it probably doesn’t involve a traffic ticket lawyer!

Defensive Driving School

What is it and how do you sign up for it? Defensive driving is often the way to go for civil traffic violations.

Driving Records

How do you get a copy of your driving record, and what does it mean?

Fun Car Things

As traffic ticket attorneys, we love cars too. This is a collection of blogs posts focussed on fun things in Arizona that involve cars.

Years in the Business

Our traffic ticket attorneys have 36 years of combined experience


We have appeared in over 160 different courts throughout Arizona

Cases Completed

We know traffic law from every angle

Our Philosophy

We want to help drivers solve their problems.  This help can come in many different forms; sometimes it looks like providing some free information and other times it means representing clients in court.  We believe in honesty and tell the truth even though the truth may not be what someone wants to hear.

We know how important driving is as it is interwoven into our daily lives to get us places, provide jobs, and is fundamental to our freedom of movement.  No one at Traffic Law Guys wants to see a driver lose the ability to drive.  That is what compels us to fight for our clients and keep them on the road.

Our Record Speaks For Itself

  • Over 100 5-star reviews online
  • Over 2,200 cases completed
  • Experienced in over 160 courts in Arizona
  • 36 years of combined attorney experience

Your Case Is Our Priority

Our Promise To Our Clients

We guarantee that by the time your case is concluded, we will have done everything possible to secure you the best possible result.  We operate with complete transparency and honesty.

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David was so honest, patient, and knowledgeable. He left no question unanswered during our free consult. He advised me that in my situation I likely wouldn’t need him, and gave me a ton of other great advice as to my options. I will definitely be recommending him to all my friends and family in need!
Chris, and his team are amazing! He provided me with so much information and he didn't have to. If you are looking for an attorney, HE IS IT!!!! Look no further because they really have an awesome punctual caring team!
I must say. As a member of the legal profession and a mother to an awesome son, 👶🏾, I was pleasantly surprised and fortunate to be represented by TLG. You see, I live So.Fla. And my baby boy lives in AZ. Short story, the process was as easy as 1) Call 📞 2) Consult 3) Trust the Process 4) Results and 5) Priceless. The TLG team were nothing less than perfect 🤩. Yup… I know no such thing exists; but I am here to say… dang close enough! A mother’s heart ♥️ is quelled. 😌🤗😎.

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