Kingman Cerbat Justice Court

The Kingman Cerbat Justice Court is located in Mohave County, Arizona.

Attorney Chris Rike outside the Kingman Cerbat Justice Court

The Kingman Cerbat Justice Court is a court of limited jurisdiction. This means that it only handles civil traffic tickets, and misdemeanor criminal charges. Kingman Cerbat does not deal with felony criminal charges. Civil and misdemeanor tickets issued by the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS, or highway patrol), or Arizona Department of Transportation will wind up in Kingman Cerbat if the violation occurred within the court’s jurisdiction.

A protective order can also be obtained at this Court.

The Kingman Cerbat Justice Court is at the intersection of several highways, including I-40 and Route 66. As a result of the highways inside the court’s jurisdiction, this court sees a high number of civil and criminal speeding tickets, as well as other moving violations.

Notes regarding the Kingman Cerbat Justice Court

There are two judges at this court because the court encompasses two different precincts – the Kingman Precinct, and the Cerbat Precinct. A defendant may encounter either judge, and in this court the judge a defendant sees could change the outcome. For example, one judge might be inclined to allow defensive driving school for an excessive speed violation, whereas another judge may not.

Criminal cases in this court are prosecuted by the Mohave County Attorney’s Office.

If you find yourself appearing in Kingman, you may want to check out the Route 66 museum down the street afterwards.

Attorneys Chris Rike and David Enevoldsen at the Route 66 museum after appearing at court.

Contact Info and Hours

Kingman Cerbat Justice Court 
524 West Beale Street 
Kingman, AZ 86402

Justices of the Peace:

Justice Virlynn Tinnell (Cerbat)

Justice Dave Huerta (Kingman)

Phone: 928-753-0710

Fax: 928-753-7840


Hours: M-F 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.