How To Get A Copy Of Your Driving Record In Arizona

Here’s how to get a copy of your driving history from the Arizona Department of Transportation.

What you are looking for

Driver License Motor Vehicle Record

Make Sure You Get The Right Record

There are two records that sound similar. There is a “driver license motor vehicle record” which is what you want. There is also a “motor vehicle record”, which is a registration history of a vehicle. A driver license motor vehicle record is commonly referred to as an “MVR.”

You Can Get A Copy Of Your Driving Record Online

Usually the easiest way to get a copy of your driving record is online through your account at If you haven’t set up an account yet, it can be a real pain. You do need an Arizona credential (driver license or ID card) to create an account at This website is kind of clunky sometimes, and it is always somewhat of a hassle to log in. But it beats going to the MVD. Which brings us to the other way to get a copy of your driving record.

You Can Get A Copy At The MVD

If you can’t get a copy online for some reason, you can always go down to the MVD and request one in person. The MVD has kiosks at their physical locations where you can get a copy. You could also ask one of the clerks.

Example of an Arizona driver license motor vehicle record

Once You’ve Signed In To

Driver License And ID

Click the “driver license and ID” tab in the top menu. This will open up several columns of options. Select “driver license record request” from the “Driver License” column.

Select The Driver License Record You Need

There are 5 different driving records. Most commonly, you will just need the 39 month uncertified MVR. This record will tell you if you are licensed, and show any current issues with your license, as well as any violations from the last 39 months. This costs $3.

Sometimes, if there is an issue with your license, and whatever is causing the issue occurred more than 39 months ago, you will want a longer history. There is a 5 year certified history, and an extended certified history which goes back 10 years.

Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll be taken to a payment screen. Once you’ve paid, you’ll have an option to download a .pdf of your MVR.

Download A PDF. Don’t Take A Screen Shot

If you are getting a copy of your driving record, it may be several pages. Please download a .pdf file. If you take screenshots, the resolution may be off, the formatting will definitely be off, and it is more difficult to share with someone like a prosecutor or your attorney.

screenshot of

If Your License Is Not From Arizona

Most, but not all, states have some online option for obtaining driver license records. Do a search for “whatever state driver license record”. In the results, you are looking for a website with a .gov domain for the state that issued your license.

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