Recently, we had an appearance in the Kingman Cerbat Justice Court. It was set for a Friday so David and I decided to make a day of it and take in some of the sites on historic Route 66 afterwards.

We looked on Yelp for someplace to eat lunch and the Grand Canyon Caverns Grotto came up. It had good reviews, and the pictures made it look like it was in a cave. It looked interesting so off we went.

We got to the turnoff from Route 66 and were greeted by the old gas station with a Radiator Springs Gas sign, a nod to the Disney/Pixar Cars franchise.

Radiator Springs Gas off Route 66 in northern Arizona

Grand Canyon Caverns was a short drive back a dirt road. It was far enough though that there is no mobile phone service there. Yay!

Turns out the Cavern Grotto restaurant in the cave is only open weekends, but there is the Cavern Grill that was open for lunch. The food was pretty good and the environment was interesting. Very rustic. We had the whole place to ourselves.

After lunch, we decided to sign up for the tour of the caverns. Tickets were about $25 per person. A guide takes you down an elevator into the caverns. The caverns are about 200 feet down.

There is a concrete path through the caverns, so it is a pretty easy walk. The tour lasted about 45 minutes. Your guide will tell you about the history of the caverns, including how they were discovered and changes in ownership. The guide will also tell you a little about how the caverns were formed and about some of the mineral deposits inside.

I thought the whole experience was pretty neat. The caverns are at elevation, so it is much cooler there than in Phoenix. Down inside the caverns, it is a steady 56 degrees.

There is a campground at the caverns that will accommodate tents or RVs. There is a 9 hole disc golf course. You can even spend the night down inside the caverns if you want to. The drive to get there is pretty too. There is little traffic, and you have great views of grassy prairies and mountains.