Insurance company wants to minimize cost

Insurance Companies Are Looking Out For Themselves, Not You

This may be hard to accept, but insurance companies care more about themselves than they do about you and me. Yes, an insurance company may be obligated to make a settlement and pay some money to an injured party, but that insurance company is going to try to pay as little as possible.

Do not make recorded statements to any insurance company!

This will most likely come back to bite you in the @$$$. Consider the following situation: You are in an accident. An insurance adjuster contacts you and asks if he can ask you some questions while he records the conversation. He asks you questions about the extent of your injuries arising from the accident. You haven't seen a doctor yet and the accident just happened, so you aren't clear on the extent of your injuries. You say you generally feel ok.

Later, you begin to experience some severe pain and are concerned you may have been injured more severely than you initially thought. You go see a doctor and he confirms your concerns.

Then maybe you contact us and we sue the person who ran their car into yours. During the course of that litigation, the insurance company produces your recorded statement wherein you said you felt fine after the accident. The insurance company's defense team portrays you as an untruthful person who is simply seeking a windfall for injuries you didn't really sustain.

That may seem like a stretch, but just like we advise not to talk to the police, we also advise not to talk to insurance adjusters when you've been injured by someone else's negligence. Get an attorney, and talk to your attorney before talking to the insurance company.

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